Destigmatizing The Deadly Silent Disease of Mental Illness: You Are Not Your Brain - Decode It With Quantum Living & Neuroplasticity

A couple of weeks ago my friend and yoga teacher committed suicide. She was suffering from depression and bi polar disorder which is a chronic mental illness. She was burned out from working too much because she never permitted giving herself a break. In additional to all of this she was suffering from insomnia which is a core symptom of bipolar disorder.

The stigma and the excruciating intolerance along with the prejudice that I witnessed was atrocious and heartbreaking. This came from people who knew her and from people who didn’t know her. The judgment was appalling and non stop.

It’s so important to destigmatize mental health issues. It’s time. I am so done with it being swept under the carpet and people turning their backs on depression and mental illness. I’m seeing a lot people posting suicide prevention hotline numbers, which is great and how else can we help people that need care and are too embarrassed to ask for help?

Dr. Charles Raison from the School of Medicine and Public Health, University of Wisconsin-Madison, states, “Depression is different. Because it is at its essence a perceptual disorder, it causes one to see the entire world as pain. It feels painful inside, but it also feels painful outside. When a person is depressed, the entire world is disturbed and distressed, so there is nowhere to escape. And it is this fact that makes suicide so seductive, because it seems to offer the one available escape option.”

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